At Inspirica, we’ve established ourselves as industry leaders for in-home tutoring and test-preparation services, and we continue to seek highly qualified individuals for part-time one-on-one tutoring positions. Our approach is founded on the principles of professionalism, adaptability, and positivity, and we are constantly looking for applicants who possess all of those qualities.

We provide an extensive and thorough course of paid training for new tutors before they begin working with students. New hires will be taught not only the content covered on the various tests but also the best strategies and techniques to combat the unique structural elements that make up much of the challenge of each test. All training is conducted by some of our most seasoned veteran tutors, who know what works and can provide the sort of insights a tutor would normally only gain after hours spent working directly with students.

Training is only the beginning of our support for new hires, however, as we have a deep commitment to ongoing professional development. Even after they take their first programs and jump into their work with students, new tutors have weekly paid meetings with Inspirica's Head Mentor for at least the first few months of employment, and they can continue those meetings for as long as they wish. If questions arise at any point between mentoring sessions, our office staff, many of whom are tutors themselves, are happy to help. So even though our tutors work with their students one-on-one, there’s always a team of professionals behind them.

Prior experience tutoring standardized tests is not required for applicants, as training is designed to ensure that all new hires are experts by the time they begin their first programs; however, a passion for teaching and a willingness to adapt to the specific challenges of a given program are essential prerequisites. Our tutors are dynamic, engaging individuals who recognize that no two students are the same and who work to customize their approach accordingly. They understand that standardized testing can often be a difficult, stressful experience for students, and they address that by grounding their approach in encouragement and positivity.

As the test experts, tutors manage the educational aspect of their programs while our full-time staff takes care of everything else. Without the added stress of finding students or handling administrative tasks, tutors can spend more time in session with students Inspirica offers flexible part-time work that pays well and can turn into full-time income: tutors are given the opportunity to train in additional tests and academic subjects, expanding their knowledge bases and qualifying them for additional students. We are looking for tutors who will be with us for at least one year and ideally beyond; some of our tutors have been with us almost since the day we opened our doors. Our tutors are the main reason that we’re able to provide the industry-leading service for which we’ve been known for the last 35 years, so come join the team!